Neoregelia hybrid 'Sarmentosa' leaves are ampoule-like and green with sharp red-edged, lightly speckled with dots medially in stoloniferous clusters. Popular in terrariums and good in hanging pots. 'Sarmentosa' Brazil 4x4x10" Bright Shade Moderate Spring-Summer. Keep water in central cup. Empty weekly. Use distilled to prevent mineral deposits. xxx Spring/Summer. Balanced liquid. Does not need a lot of feeding. Mount or use pourous pot with well aerated soil. Regular potting , kept open with sand or pumice grit or premixed orchid, bromeliad, epiphytic soil composed of mostly of organic material, (peat, sphagnum moss or leaf-soil) works well with these plants. PH, preferably about 5.5 to 6.0. Mix approx, 1 part grit/ 2 part soil., depending on dry time & species. Easy care/Highly adaptable, striking colors/foliage/Mature bromeliads should not be repotted offset 4.00 $6.00 offset $9.00 Hanging/Mounted
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