Aechmea nudicaulis v 'Cuspidata', 'Silver Streak' has a vase-like rosette of leaves, pale yellow striped with apple green. The leaves have a row of black spines along the margins. The bright red-bracted flower spikes produce lemon yellow flowers in summer. While the original plant will die after flowering, it will produce several offsets that may be removed and replanted. It is usually epiphytic in its native range, but adapts well to containers or raised beds outdoors. echmea nudicaulis is a species native to Mexico, Central America, the West Indies, Venezuela and Brazil. It contains a number of different recognized varieties. They are variable in size, forming compact green or red leaves. Aechmea nudicaulis and its varieties are free flowering, easy to grow beginners' plants. Nudicaulis aechmeas form tall upright tubes with few leaves are 1-3 ft (30-90cm) high, depending on the particular clone, with strong black spines on the edges. The flower spike, produced in May, is a long-lasting cylindrical head of bright yellow flowers cupped in brilliant red stem bracts. It is very free-flowering and produces offsets on strong prickly stolons. 'Cuspidata', 'Silver Streak' 5x5x11" Bright Shade Moderate Spring-Summer. Keep water in central cup. Empty weekly. Use distilled to prevent mineral deposits. USDA Zone 10b: to 1.7 °C (35 °F) Spring/Summer. Balanced liquid. Does not need a lot of feeding. Mount or use pourous pot with well aerated soil. Regular potting , kept open with sand or pumice grit or premixed orchid, bromeliad, epiphytic soil composed of mostly of organic material, (peat, sphagnum moss or leaf-soil) works well with these plants. PH, preferably about 5.5 to 6.0. Mix approx, 1 part grit/ 2 part soil., depending on dry time & species. xxx xxx Offsets xxx Easy care/Highly adaptable, striking colors/foliage/Mature bromeliads should not be repotted 1 $10.00 Offset $15.00 Hanging/Mounted
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