Season 5, Week 9 – Oscar Worthy Picks

SUNDAY 3/4 ; 11 – 3
(Espresso Bar opens at 9am)

This Week’s Oscar Picks:

St. Stephen Camembert paired with Radicchio Marmalade
(AnnaMaria’s Foods)

Spicy Coconut Garlic-Lime Shrimp over Pineapple Caribbean Rice (La Talaye)
Veal Osso Buco Tacos with Homemade Gremolata, Toasted Pine Nuts & Shaved Fennel

Our Favorite Chicken Parm.  (frozen/to-go) 
(Paolo’s Kitchen)

 Vegan/GF Calzones & Pizza.  GF Blueberry & Apple  Hand Pies (Deliciously Alicia’s)

Rhubarb & Honey Vodka (Olde York Farm)

This Week’s Vendors:
AnnaMaria's Foods
Dan Madura Farm
Deliciously Alicia's
Freakin' Vegan
Kimchi Culture
La Talaye Catering
Luxx Chocolat
Mangalitsa by Mosefund
Olde York Farm
OM Champagne Tea
Paolo's Kitchen
Pickle Licious
Romarsi Pesto
The OUTSIDE IN Espresso Bar
Wave Hill Breads


Visit “The VENDOR page” for vendor descriptions, links to their sites, and the complete 2018 season lineup.