Season 5 – Week 6: BE OUR VALENTINE

SUNDAY 2/11 ; 11 – 3
(Espresso Bar opens at 9am)

A Gift From Us to You:
$75 “SOUK” Bucks

Spend $10 with five or more vendors this Sunday to get a chance to win a market voucher worth $75.

Vendors will give you a ticket when you spend more than $10.  Collect five tickets and bring to the espresso bar to enter drawing.  Randomly drawn winner will be selected at the end of the day and will be contacted during the week to collect their SOUK voucher (to be redeemed at any future market).

This Week’s Vendors:
Asian Farmer Dumplings
Bombay Emerald Chutney Co.
Catalina Empanadas
Coyote Kitchen
Dan Madura Farm
Deliciously Alicia's
Italia Specialties by Rubia Imports
Mangalitsa by Mosefund
Mishti Chocolates
MOMO Dressing
Nahmias et fils
Paolo's Kitchen
Simply Soupreme
The OUTSIDE IN Espresso Bar
Wave Hill Breads


Visit “The VENDOR page” for vendor descriptions, links to their sites, and the complete 2018 season lineup.