Season 5 – Week 5: Game Picks

SUNDAY 2/4 ; 11 – 3

(Espresso Bar opens at 9am)

This Week’s Picks:

From finger foods to fully prepared dinners to enjoy a great game with your family and friends including everything for a fab charcuterie platter (salumi, fresh baked breads, sicilian antipasta, cheese & locally grown veggies), dips, BBQ ribs, chili, tacos, vegan & meat  patties, plus great desserts from guest vendor (Seven Bakers Lane).

Mix & Match Pickle Chips, Pickled Vegetables, and Olives for the ultimate game day snack. $28 – a $42 value (Pickle Licious)

Buy 4 pounds of FarmEats 100% Grass Fed Ground Beef and get 1 pound free! (FarmEats)

Invierno Cheese – NY Times: “One of the country’s best cheeses” (AnnaMaria’s Foods)

Slow Cook Chili: 80% mangalitsa ground pork / 20% mangalitsa bacon (Mangalitsa by Mosefund)

“Island Chicken Tacos”: Grilled Jerk Chicken, tropical slaw, and pineapple aioli (NoCo)

Frozen Prepared Italian Dinners & Apps (Paolo’s Kitchen)

Vegan Mac n’ Cheese (Freakin’ Vegan)

Smoked Bourbon Almond Black Cherry Bark Bar (Luxx Chocolat) 
Chocolate Peanut butter Cake (Seven Bakers Lane)

This Week’s Vendors:
AnnaMaria's Foods
Dan Madura Farm
Deliciously Alicia's
Freakin' Vegan
La Talaye Catering
Luxx Chocolat
Mangalitsa by Mosefund
OM Champagne Tea
Paolo's Kitchen
Pickle Licious
Seven Baker's Lane
Taste of Sicily
The OUTSIDE IN Espresso Bar
Wave Hill Breads


Visit “The VENDOR page” for vendor descriptions, links to their sites, and the complete 2018 season lineup.