Season 5 – Week 2

SUNDAY 1/14 ; 11 – 3
(Espresso Bar opens at 8am)

Mishti Chocolates: handmade, organic & vegan


This Week’s Picks:

Cauldrons of Soup (La Talaye, Simply Soupreme)
Pastrami Sandwich: House Cured & Smoked (NoCo)
Classic, Kasha or Russian Sweet-Sour Beef Knish (DACHA)
Celery Root, Fennel & Apple Salad/Pancetta, Poached Fig, Manchego & Candied Zest (Deliciously Alicia’s)
Samosas, Jamaican Patties & Sweet Potato Noodles (La Talaye)
Premium Estate Olive Oil  (Italia Specialties)
Yuzu Jalapeno Dressing (MOMO Dressing)
Orange Zen: Dark Chocolate, Orange Zest & Cardamon (Mishti)

This Week’s Vendors:
DACHA Live Cultured Veggies
Dan Madura Farm
Deliciously Alicia's
Freakin' Vegan
Italia Specialties by Rubia
La Talaye Catering
Mishti Chocolate
MOMO Dressing
Nahmias et fils
OM Champagne Tea
Paolo's Kitchen
Simply Soupreme
The OUTSIDE IN Espresso Bar
Wave Hill Breads

Visit “The VENDOR page” for vendor descriptions, links to their sites, and the complete 2018 season lineup.