Week VIII: Kasbah Tea, Bombay Chutney & Gotham Dark

Sunday 2/26 (11 – 3) 


“Experience a Life More Herbal” Kasbah Tea Tasting:
Join clinical herbalist Jessica Mullins, owner of Found Herbal, upstairs for a tea tasting as she shares her vision of “a life more herbal”. Found Herbal is a clinical herbal practice and apothecary with the mission of supporting wellness through natural remedies and safe, quality herbal products. The entire Found Herbal line is hand-crafted using the highest quality ingredients and certified organic or ethically wild-crafted herbs.  A selection of dry teas will be available for purchase alongside those offered for tasting.

Brewed Teas:
Roasted Dandelion Detox Tea (designed to support the body’s natural detoxification pathways)
Turmeric Tea (a lovely warming blend which supports digestion/immune function/detoxification & reduces pain/inflammation)

Glass Herbal Environment installation from practicing herbalist & artist Scott H. Massarsky. 


Bombay Emerald Chutney Company:
Gourmet Chutney (5 flavors)
Vegetarian Roti Rolls (eat-in or take-home)
Samosas, Kofta, Saag, & Rajma (frozen take-home vegan appetizers & dinners)
Ayurvedic Spices


Los Alisos, Peru, Organic  (fig, orange marmalade, full)
Gotham Dark Roast (heavy, spicy, sweet smoke)
71 Irving House Coffee Blend (chocolate, round, smooth)
Sleepy Hollow Decaf (clean, round, sweet) 

Chocolate Calling:
Coconut Abounds (lightly sweetened coconut covered in dark chocolate)
Mint Chocolate Cookies Dipped in Chocolate
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Grace’s Favorites (owner’s selection)

Deliciously Alicia’s: (gluten-free & organic)
Eggplant Pizza (vegan/dairy-free/regular)
Gorditas w/Homemade Tomatillo Salsa (vegan/dairy-free/regular)
Brownies-to-die-for (paleo/dairy-free)
Mini Donuts w/ Chocolate Grenache (paleo/dairy-free)
Bagels…. yes, Bagels!! (taste just like a Goldberg’s)
Cake Pops (vegan/dairy-free/regular)
Bavarian Cream Crumb Cake


Anthi’s Greek Food:  Fresh, healthy, delicious Greek cuisine. Their food is authentic and the menu boasts flavorful Greek inspired dishes and flavors such as Tsatsiki, Moussaka and Spinach Pie with plenty of vegetarian options.

Arlotta Food Studios:  Organic Olive Oils, Herbal and Fruit Infused Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, tapenades & organic handmade air dried pasta.

Asian Farmer Dumplings:  Made-from-scratch dumplings using local ingredients.  Chicken, beef, pork and vegetable choices.

@TheCoffeeBar:  Serving quality, ethically-sourced coffee from Irving Farm Coffee Roasters.  Roasted daily in the Hudson Valley. 

Bombay Emerald Chutney Company:  Gourmet Chutney (5 flavors), Vegetarian Roti Rolls (eat-in or take home), frozen vegan Indian take-home dinners (Samosas, Kofta, Saag, and Rajma) and Ayurvedic spices.

The Cheese Guy:  Kosher, natural, artisanal cheeses from family owned dairy farms, selected by cheese monger Brent Delman. 

Chocolate Calling:  From owner Grace Dadoyan’s love of chocolate and a desire to eat healthier, organic foods, Chocolate Calling was born.  All the chocolate used is organic and fair-trade, and all of her products are handmade and vegan.

Dan Madura Farms:  Home grown produce from the black dirt region of NY including a large variety of exotic mushrooms: Maitake (hen of the woods), Shiitake, Yellow & Grey Oyster, King Oyster, Pioppini, Lion’s Mane, Beech, Crimini & Portobello’s.

Deep Roots Farm:  All natural farm-made pickles (no preservatives), micro-greens & sauces.  Located in Hudson NY on 12 acres using organic & sustainable farming practices.

Deliciously Alicia’s:  Gluten-free and organic savory & sweet prepared foods including empanadas, pot pies, focaccia and Alicia’s famous crumbcake. 

FarmEats:  Local NY State, 100% grass fed and finished beef, pasture raised pork and chicken free of hormones and antibiotics.
Found Herbal: Herbal products from Jessica Mullins, clinical herbalist.  Her mission is supporting wellness through exceptional natural remedies and safe, quality herbal products. The entire Found Herbal line is hand-crafted using high quality certified organic or ethically wild-crafted ingredients. 

Irvington Delight:  Fresh made Middle Eastern delicacies by Amal and Nabeel Rabadi including four different flavors of homemade hummus and their family favorite, chicken shawerma, a local best-seller in Westchester.  Expect also to see baba ganouj, muhamarra (walnut spread), tabouleh salad and stuffed grape leaves.

The Luscious Little Dessert Company:   All natural southern style pies, pound cakes, cookies & moist breads inspired by owner Diana’s great grandmother “Big Ma”.

Momo Dressing:  Japanese inspired dressings made in Brooklyn by owners Masaki and Yukimi Momose.

Nahmias et Fils: Yonkers based distillery featuring Mahia, the national spirit of Morocco made from figs and “Legs Diamond” Whiskey (100% organic rye).

Paolo’s Kitchen:  Italian dinners on-the-go, prepared from scratch.

Rockland Roots Food Truck & Kitchen:  Farm-to-table, cooked-to-order and prepared foods by Chef Brian Holbach.  “It’s always been our dream to offer our customers the same high quality food we feed our own family, and when local isn’t available, we strive for pesticide free, cage free, non-GMO, and certified organic ingredients”.

Sohha Savory Yogurt:  Signature thick strained yogurt (labne), voted best by New York Magazine 2014. Plus Hummus, Babaganouj & Sohha’s savory toppings made with organic olive oil & spices, perfect for marinades, dressings or adding to yogurt. 

Wave Hill Breads:  “The best bread on the East Coast”  (The Splendid Table, NPR).   Breads and pastries crafted from organic whole grains milled at their artisan micro-bakery in Norwalk, CT.
Wild Sea Salt:  Healthful seasoning on the wild side.  Natural sea salt that is nutritionally dense, with less sodium, but more vitamins and minerals and sourced in the USA by Chef Lisa.