Week II: Caravan, Spirits & Provisions

10am – 3pm
This week we welcome The TAZA Truck & Tuthilltown Spirits to “The SOUK”.   Full list of vendors and detailed menus below.
The TAZA Truck
Chefs Tim & Hala bring to you the flavors of Egypt with handmade recipes that have been handed down through their family.  Egyptian cuisine uniquely blends Middle Eastern, European, Mediterranean, and African flavors into signature dishes & sauces.  Exemplified in the garlicky, tangy red sauce of Kushari & exhaluted in Ful pronounced “fool’, a long simmered fava bean dish with spices, tomatoes, and onions, two culinary items unique to Egypt. (Served indoors)

Tuthilltown Spirits

Tuthilltown Spirits

New York’s first whiskey distillery since prohibition, distilling some of America’s most prized spirits here in the Hudson Valley.


 Provisions for the Storm

(Detailed menu)

Dutch Desserts

Fruit & chocolate tarts, stroopwafels, brownies, butter sauces &chocolate chip cookies

Dutch Girl Cheese

Raw milk cheese

Empanada Lady

Traditional and Gourmet empanadas including:
Kale with Sweet Plantain and White Cheese Empanadas
Apple Pie Crumb Empanadas.

Hot Bread Kitchen

Multi-ethnic Breads
Mexican Conchas (Vanilla or Chocolate Topping)
Mildly sweetbread with a streusel topping, scored to resemble a seashell.  Traditionally served with coffee.
Bialys (Cheddar or Regular)
Artisan take on a New York breakfast classic.  Hearth-baked & filled w/ caramelized onions, poppy seeds or chedder cheese.
Upstate Pepita Mulit-grain Levain & Rolls
Moist & light mulitgrain w/ a moderate crust.  Made w/ a bounty of whole wheat, 7 organic grains, 3 varieties of seeds & topped w/ rolled oats.
Traditional & Honey Raisin Challah
A long fermentation gives this bread it’s rich, three-dimensional flavor & moist texture.  Made with local eggs & honey.
Moroccan M’smen
Flakey, buttery flatbread made w/ semolina.  Often compared to Paratha, can be served with either sweet or savory dishes.
Nan-e Barbari (Toasted & Black Sesame)
Oblong Persian flatbread w/ soft interior.  Beautiful Table bread.
Pecan Currant Raisin Batards & Rolls
A touch of sourdough levain balances the sweetness of the raisins & currants.  Freshly roasted pecans give this bread a uniquely complex flavor.
Subtle. Semolina flour.
Olive Boule
Made with kalamata olives, pairs beautifully w/ savory cheese platters.
Focaccia (rosemary or tomato)
Nutty Granola
Muesli-style blend of roasted oats, almonds, peanuts, pepitas, sunflower & sesame seeds & sweetened w/ just a touch of local honey.
Armenian Lavash Crackers (Sea salt, sesame & zata’ ar)
Crisp, thin flatbreads that pair perfectly with cheeses, dips or tapenades.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Hudson Valley Farm Roast Organic Coffee
Farm Brew Organic
Full-bodied and robust, yet balanced with sweetness, and without roast-driven flavors like smoke.
Monserrate, Colombian
Expect a classic, smooth cup with excellent balance.
Coopiac, Rowanda
This particular coffee was produced in their tradition, and has the unique hallmarks of washed bourbon from Rwanda: deep ripe red fruits like cherry, and sweet with a thick, syrupy body.

Karma Sauce Co

Cold Process Mustard, Chipolte Mustard & Pepper Sauces

La Talaye Catering

Pickles & Spreads

Northern Comfort Catering

Pulled Pork
Slow smoked pork shoulder, shredded & topped with homemade NoCo BBQ sauce.
Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta
Baby Back Ribs
Smoke House Chili
Smoked Sweet Italian Sausage, NoCo Pulled Pork and Ground Angus Beef Chili Served with Sweet Homemade Cornbread.

Ol’ Darlin

High quality handcrafted soaps, salves, lip balms, and both butters using certified organic food grade carrier oils/butters, essential oils, and botanicals.

Pâtisserie Vanessa 

Mini French Patisserie
Rum flavored cream inside with a caramelized crust out.
The distinctive feature of the recipe is beurre noisette (brown butter). Other ingredients include egg whites, flour, and powdered sugar. Topped or filled with almonds, raspberry or pistachio.
Soft airy & buttery little cakes with a citrus perfume, topped with Nutella

Sohha Savory Yogurt

Strained yogurt (labne), hummus,and baba ghanjouj

Taza Chocolate

Stone ground organic chocolate

The Taza Food Truck

Signature Chicken on Egyptian seasoned rice
Marinated grilled chicken served over rice topped with diced tomatoes and scallions with a choice of tahini, garlic or sour cream/garlic sauce
Kushari (V)
Brown lentils, seasoned rice, and pasta topped with garbanzo beans, caramelized onions served warm and topped with a spicy red garlic sauce
Spicy Lentil Soup (V, GF)
Red lentils simmered for hours with spices and vegetables served hot with fresh lemon and homemade pita chips or on our seasoned rice
Ful (pronounced “fool”) (V, GF)
Slowly cooked fava beans with spices, tomatoes, and onions (served warm)        
Eggplant Salad (V, GF)
Lightly fried eggplant marinated with vinegar, fresh lemon juice, and fresh pressed garlic, served with fresh homemade pita chips
Gibna Beyda (White Feta Cheese Salad) (Lacto V, GF)
Bulgarian feta mixed with spices, tomatoes, scallions, and olive oil, topped with paprika, served with fresh homemade pita chips
Roz Bi-lebban (V, GF)
Fresh Egyptian rice-pudding topped with a little cinnamon, coconut, and golden raisins (contains milk)

True Food

Organic & locally-prepared foods. An assortment of seasonal packaged salads, stews, & soups. Also hot, ready-to-eat sandwiches & burritos

Tuthilltown Spirits

Hudson Single Malt Whiskey
Made in the classic fashion with whole ground malted barley and nothing else. Aged in small American Oak casks.
Hudson Manhattan Rye
New York Whiskey made with whole grain rye one batch at a time. It is not the blended rye whiskey your parents used to mix with soda. This is honest rye whiskey, bottled at 92 proof.
Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey
The first legal pot-distilled whiskey made in New York since prohibition!. This single grain bourbon is made from 100% New York corn and aged in our special small American Oak barrels. This unique aging process produces a mildly sweet, smooth spirit with hints of vanilla and caramel.
Hudson 4-Grain Bourbon
This whiskey brings together the soft richness of corn, the sharp peppery notes of rye, all the smooth subtlety of wheat and the sweetness of malted barley..
Indigenous Vodka
Distilled from 100% NY State wheat to achieve both a high level of purity yet retain the rich grain flavors. It is extremely versatile, mixable and perfect for any cocktail that calls for vodka.
Indigenous Fresh Pressed Apple Vodka
Triple distilled to retain a faint essence of the Hudson Valley apple cider from which it is hand crafted, one batch at a time from apples pressed in local orchards.
Halfmoon Gin
“We’re in the heart of the American apple industry so it’s natural for us to turn to apples to create an original New York gin”.  The distinctive subtleties of the apple blend in the base spirit create a smoother and rounder gin.
White 58 & Green 72 Absinthe
White, redolent with fennel and licorice notes, is lower in alcohol than some other absinthes; Green is layered and complex, with anise and fennel notes interplaying with lemon balm and wormwood.
Basement Bitters
This elixir is a special blend of unaged rye spirit, Sarsaparilla, and fourteen other herbs and spices, balanced with local maple syrup and aged in one of our rye whiskey cured barrels.