Brat’s w/ Cheese, Spicy Kraut, Vegan German Purple Potato Salad & Massaged Kale Salad


This one was a real crowd pleaser covering all the bases with sweet & sour accompaniments to the salty & savory cheese filled brat from Upstates Creations.  We “kicked up” the kraut from Pickleman by adding a touch of spicy Caribbean slaw from La Talaye while cooking. The vegan German purple potato salad & massaged kale salad we made extra sour to contrast the sweetness of the horseradish pickles.

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160203_200804Toasted brown in a cast iron skillet with a dab of butter was all they needed.

20160227_202630The specks of Caribbean slaw add a nice pop of color with a terrific punch.

20160227_202411Why vegan? We found something similar online and it’s just that good. So have another brat and if you desire the purple potato salad recipe it is here.


This kale salad is one of the simplest, tasty & healthy sides about.  Who would have thunk it. Chiffonade, dress & massage the kale; massage to soften & help to break it down, why should your jaw do all the work.  For dressing, the house favorite is lemon, olive oil & honey. Just mix this combo to your palate and emulsify, add salt & pepper to taste.