Sauteed Mushrooms, Arugula & Pecans with Basil Pesto over Black Pepper Pappardelle

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160202_203432We picked up this beautiful selection of mushrooms grown in the black dirt region of NY by Dan Madura Farm.  We washed them with cold water and left them to dry before sautéeing in a cast iron skillet Julia’s way. (Recipe here)

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160202_203516Check out these browning Maitake or Hen-of-the-woods.  Who cares to think about their anticancer effects, they taste so damn good we worry if any will ever even make it from the pan to the plate.

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160202_212502Almost done.  See these babies releasing their goodness.  Initially when sautéeing over high heat the mushrooms will absorb the fats and the pan will dry, when they begin to release their juices you will know it is time to turn down the heat and cook to perfection.  When dry again, deglaze with wine or moisten up with a little lemon juice like we did for this recipe. Your choice, either will not disappoint.

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160215_202536Next we sautéed some onion, added 1/4 cup Arlotta’s Fig Balsamic and 1 TBSP honey and reduced.  Tossed in pecans and fresh arugula.

To Corona D’Oro’s basil pesto we added a lemon juice and olive oil to loosen and then threw it all together over Arlotta’s black pepper pappardelle and plated with a buttered Bien Cuit baguette on the side to mop everything up.