FarmEats Super Bowl 51 Chili


Will the Patriots or the Falcons win?
At least we know that our FarmEats Super Bowl 51 Chili will always be a winner!

Thanks, Drew for the Recipe.  (Link here)

Slow and low cooking melds the flavors together and enhances the medley of ingredients, over a few hours.

Brat’s w/ Cheese, Spicy Kraut, Vegan German Purple Potato Salad & Massaged Kale Salad


This one was a real crowd pleaser covering all the bases with sweet & sour accompaniments to the salty & savory cheese filled brat from Upstates Creations.  We “kicked up” the kraut from Pickleman by adding a touch of spicy Caribbean slaw from La Talaye while cooking. The vegan German purple potato salad & massaged kale salad we made extra sour to contrast the sweetness of the horseradish pickles.

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160203_200804Toasted brown in a cast iron skillet with a dab of butter was all they needed.

20160227_202630The specks of Caribbean slaw add a nice pop of color with a terrific punch.

20160227_202411Why vegan? We found something similar online and it’s just that good. So have another brat and if you desire the purple potato salad recipe it is here.


This kale salad is one of the simplest, tasty & healthy sides about.  Who would have thunk it. Chiffonade, dress & massage the kale; massage to soften & help to break it down, why should your jaw do all the work.  For dressing, the house favorite is lemon, olive oil & honey. Just mix this combo to your palate and emulsify, add salt & pepper to taste.


Sauteed Mushrooms, Arugula & Pecans with Basil Pesto over Black Pepper Pappardelle

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160202_203432We picked up this beautiful selection of mushrooms grown in the black dirt region of NY by Dan Madura Farm.  We washed them with cold water and left them to dry before sautéeing in a cast iron skillet Julia’s way. (Recipe here)

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160202_203516Check out these browning Maitake or Hen-of-the-woods.  Who cares to think about their anticancer effects, they taste so damn good we worry if any will ever even make it from the pan to the plate.

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160202_212502Almost done.  See these babies releasing their goodness.  Initially when sautéeing over high heat the mushrooms will absorb the fats and the pan will dry, when they begin to release their juices you will know it is time to turn down the heat and cook to perfection.  When dry again, deglaze with wine or moisten up with a little lemon juice like we did for this recipe. Your choice, either will not disappoint.

2016_SOUK_Recipe_OUTSIDE_IN_20160215_202536Next we sautéed some onion, added 1/4 cup Arlotta’s Fig Balsamic and 1 TBSP honey and reduced.  Tossed in pecans and fresh arugula.

To Corona D’Oro’s basil pesto we added a lemon juice and olive oil to loosen and then threw it all together over Arlotta’s black pepper pappardelle and plated with a buttered Bien Cuit baguette on the side to mop everything up.






Mango Chili Wings with Cilantro-Preserved Lemon Yogurt Dipping Sauce


We picked up these fiery wings at the market & wanted to temper them with a healthy yogurt dipping sauce. (Recipe here)  Harness the sweet-salty-sour balance & you’ll be quite surprised.  Tangy & creamy labne style Sohha Sea Salt Yogurt provides a rich, thick medium for preserved lemon & cilantro that clings & cools these absolutely delicious wings topped with  Mango Chili Sauce from Essie Spice.  Full of flavor this sweet & sour sauce is a fiery blend of sweet mango, onion and spicy Jamaican chili pepper not for the faint hearted.  It is an essential & versatile condiment. Just try it on a sandwich!


Sunflower Sprouts Sandwich with sprouts from Madura Farms,  half sour pickles from Pickleman, Essies Spice Mango Chili Sauce, Sohha Yogurt Sea Salt cilantro-preserved lemon dipping sauce on Bien Cuit’s Sunflower & Rye bread and pulled together with a nutty, alpine Toma Celena from Dutch Girl Cheese.


Fig Balsamic Drizzled EVOO Roasted Brussel Sprouts


Roasted Brussel Sprouts (Madura Farms) pan roasted in Arlotta’s Organic Olive Oil and drizzled with their Fig Balsamic. Sprouts in photo above with wings were oven roasted which brings out the deeper flavors.

Winter sprouts are surprisingly sweet.  When oven-roasted (shown in photo with wings) the outer leaves crisp and break off into candy-like treats the kids will love.  Balance the sweetness by drizzling with balsamic vinegar.  Pan roasting in a cast iron skillet works quickly & surprisingly well, but oven roasting truly brings out the deeper flavors.  This dish has converted many haters. (Full recipe here)

Arugula with Lemon Vinaigrette


Arugula Salad (Madura Farms) topped with Arlotta’s Organic Olive Oil in bowl from Sylvia March Pottery.

Simple & healthy.  If you are unaware of the benefits of lemon juice & olive oil try google.  Work the balance to your buds.  I like the tartness of lemon with arugula, but add a touch of honey when over kale and a little garlic will only hurt the vampires.  (Full recipe here)