Fred Cohen Paintings


Outsider, Folk, Visionary

 Opening Reception:  Sunday 5/17/2015;  2-5PM.

Optimistic, bright, and upbeat; these images are drawn from the artist’s life observing and interacting while moving around & thru NYC & suburban NY community.

Cohen paints because he has to.  It is how he fits into the world. For the past 40 years or so, Fred Cohen worked as an interior painter, working in many different types of interior painting disciplines.  Around 1975, Cohen was taught a system of design by “a lady from Hungary” changing the way he viewed the world inside and around himself.  Originally from Europe, this system breaks down the natural world into seven basic shapes, enabling the artist to see and reassemble underling structures according to the artists’ particular vision and abilities. It was suggested by her that he use this system in painting, which immediately seemed natural to the artist and thoroughly became ingrained in his aesthetic, which always comes back to exploring design and color, in a never-ending evolution.

Preferring to paint large, Mr. Cohen has painted four murals so far; two for a veterinarian’s office in NYC & two for a pediatric wing of Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx.  Three of these were approx. 10′ X 25″; one was 10″ X 12. Cohen’s graphic and illustrative images are upbeat, brightly colored representations of a densely populated urban landscape, which are composed from series of smaller situational snippets whose complexity of organization is a representation of the whole or each a painting unto itself. Cohen has recently applied for a grant to create murals for urban transportation areas around NYC.


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souk 2015 sq

“The SOUK” Epicurean Farmers’ Upmarket,the taste and buy bazaar of the lower Hudson Valley. Farm fare to fresh baked, traditional to exotic dishes, savory to indulgent snacks; eat by the warmth of the wood stove or take away.

Sundays, 10AM-3PM; Feb. 1-March 29th at the OUTSIDE IN gallery & greenhouse space. Free admission and parking


SATURDAY 12.20.14; 7-9PM.



New Works

Alan Adler, Mernie Baker, Marlene Krumm-Sanders, Evan Cornish-Keefe, Raye Cooke, Ralph Derven, Beth Goobic, Mike Jacobs, Grace Mitchell, Jorge Posada, Barbara Scott-Fischer, David Soo, Gaia Starr


New Artists

Sandie Butler, Jamie Gaviola,  Yoav Liberman,  Just Plain Wood, Lori Kaplan Jewelry, Denise Kader, Johanna Krumm, Richard Rose, Lauren Rudolf, Gail Rutigliano, Naomi Shibuya, Terry Stone, Studio 532 Jewelry


Many new works recently made their way into The OUTSIDE IN just in time for the Holidays. On Saturday stop by and peruse the gallery for that special gift that wasn’t even available days ago, guaranteeing that everyone on your list receives something unique. If you can’t make it in Saturday it’s no problem, we will be open everyday until Wednesday and open till 9pm Saturday and Tuesday.

Convergence: Cristina Biaggi & Gianni Biaggi de Blasys

Biaggi_image_layersOpening Reception:  Sunday 11/23/2014;  2-5PM.


Recently I’ve become involved with abstract collage, which I find liberating and satisfying. My method is the following: I create a series of works on paper in a purely expressionistic manner, not thinking about results but using my intuition and involvement with the movements of my hands and eyes. Then I tear or cut up these pieces and compose a completely new work, using interesting emotive sections of the old pieces to create a brand new composition. Sometimes I have a vision of the work I intend to create (the result seldom turns out like my initial vision); sometimes I don’t, which makes it exciting and challenging. The final work is never what I anticipated and that is in itself liberating.

My portraits are created from another place in my creative imagination. I attempt to establish a non-verbal communication with my subject to create not just a likeness but an inspired work.



Paintings are open-ended suggestions, I believe, not definitions: let the beholder enrich the work by his own interpretations, as stated by E.H. Gombrich. “The eye must not rest onto the painting right away, but float a bit, before settling on the whole picture.” Thus a form of ambiguity is to me a prerequisite, whether it be achieved through the illusion of informal art, by abstraction and reversible images, or by surrealism where objects are purposely out of context. Even figurative art is an illusion, according to Gombrich, since it can never literally duplicate reality.

I intend to express in a few of my paintings the contrast between live and dead vegetation, or more pointedly, the baroque beauty and power of dead leaves which I collect: twisted, shriveled and curled up things. As I was observing them a few years ago, they appeared riddled with holes opening up to the sky like bits of hope dotting an overcast and closed atmosphere. This idea inspired me and I yearned to portray something beyond ordinary existence – a liberating image. So, a majority of my works intend to show this aspect, often in a surrealistic vein; others go off the road, portraying a Corrida, a waterfall, even the portrait of a French model, a Tondo intended to contrast the other rectangular frames. My main subjects remain, however, landscapes and still life. I particularly care for the painting “a ficus strangler vine strangles a ficus tree”, for you can observe several images at the same time.

My paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas, sometimes mixed with gouache, or combining photo collages, or still originating directly from a photo, like the painting  “Ambiguity”. Up to now, general composition, shapes and colors have been my main concerns, more than painting techniques. I use mostly paintbrushes, but I see more and more the potential of using palette knives, since they are more capable of producing transparencies and gleaming colors. Finally, some of my paintings will be accompanied with poems evoking their subjects.

“A Taste of the Lower Valley”

11/16/14 , from 10am-3pm

Bistros, Trattorias, Food Trucks, Catering Establishments, Delis & Pubs create Mediterranean, French, Italian, Caribbean & New American Dishes that complement Fresh Fruit & Veggies, Bagels, Mustards, Jams, Farm Roasted Coffee, Ice Cream & French Patisserie exhibited alongside Functional Pottery, Fine Art, Mugs, Trays, Bowls, Paintings Letterpress Notecards & 100 Clay Hearts  ALL to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Sample over 31 Regional Dishes From:

14 & Hudson  ♦  A & B American Style Pepper Sauce  ♦  Alain’s French Bistro  ♦  Anarchy in a Jar  ♦  Aunt Mia’s Sweets  ♦  Biddy’s O’Malleys  ♦  Bob’s Thin Crust Pizza  ♦  Cafe Portofino  ♦  Canzona’s market  ♦  Confetti  ♦  Dagwood Signature Sandwich Shop  ♦  D’Amicos Fruit & Flower Farm  ♦  Del’Arte  ♦  D’Vine Bar  ♦  Fleur D’Orange  ♦  Giostra♦  Il Fresco  ♦  Il Portico  ♦  Irving Farm Coffee Roasters  ♦  Isabella’s  ♦  La Talaye Catering  ♦  Little Scoops Ice Cream  ♦  Mimi’s Plate  ♦  NYC Bagel Cafe  ♦  O’lar  ♦  Pier 701  ♦  Piermont Pizza  ♦  Rockland Roots Food Truck  ♦  Roost♦  Sidewalk Bistro  ♦  Tequila Sal y Limon  ♦  The ’76 House  ♦  The Barn  ♦  The Market/Filling Station  ♦  & More…

Functional Pottery & Art From:

Beth Goobic  ♦  D’Alma  ♦  Denise Khader  ♦  Don Bradford  ♦  Dorothy Brady  ♦  Eleanor Grace Miller  ♦  Five Clays  ♦  Jamie Gaviola  ♦  Jane CoCo Cowles  ♦  Jennie Chien  ♦  John Bendzak  ♦  Jorge Posada  ♦  Kathy Sykes  ♦  Kim Waldhauer  ♦  Lauren Randolph  ♦  Leslie Green Guilbault  ♦  Marilyn Price Ceramics  ♦ Pottery Peace ♦  Paul Kostabi  ♦  Rosie Reilly  ♦  Sandie Lee Butler  ♦ Terry Straus ♦Lisa Wheeler

Get Special Menu Items & Certificates From:

Cafe Portofino  ♦   Hogan’s Family Diner  ♦   Jamie Surya Yoga Studio  ♦   Pamaya Red  ♦   Sidewalk Bistro

Additional Sponsors to the event:

AB Artisans  ♦   Abaigail, Rose & Lily Too  ♦   Abercorn Place  ♦   Baer & McIntosh  ♦   Beth Dubas:   Baer & McIntosh  ♦   Buttercup & Friends  ♦   By the Bottle  ♦   Carber Travel  ♦   Cornetta’s  ♦   Diane Smith  ♦   Elements Spa  ♦   Get Rx Help  ♦   Grape D’Vine  ♦   Happy Dog Gallery  ♦   Hoshitori  ♦    Naomi Vargas of Kennedy & Kennedy Real Estate  ♦   La  Fontanella  ♦   Lizzie’s  ♦   Madeleine’s Petit Paris  ♦   Ned Kelly & Co.  ♦   Orangetown Family Dentistry  ♦   Organica Natural Foods  ♦   Piermont Bicycle Connection  ♦   Piermont Community Market  ♦   Piermont Straus  ♦   Plaza Pet World  ♦   Presence of Piermont  ♦   Renaissance Fine Art Gallery  ♦   Sparkill Steakhouse  ♦   Stokes Farm  ♦   Tess Delia Studio  ♦   The Art Students League Residency at VYT  ♦   The Yoga House  ♦   Union Arts Center

Please Support JDRF and the sponsors to this event.  Websites are alphabetically listed below.


The OUTSIDE IN showcases a bounty of local dishes in “A Taste of the Lower Valley.”  Chefs, artisans & food purveyors bring signature dishes to the gallery throughout the day from bistros, trattorias, food trucks, catering establishments, delis & pubs in and around Piermont, Sparkill, Tappan, Orangeburg, North Bergen & NYC donated as examples of simple, wholesome, quality food choices to help raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and to the benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).

Visitors can sample from a range of signature dishes and culinary styles including Mediterranean, French, Italian, & Caribbean alongside Hudson Valley roasted coffees, hand-made ice creams, small batch jams, artisan mustards, and a no sugar pepper sauce made from organic NYC rooftop peppers or authentic miniature French Patisseries.

The event will include a “BLUE” Exhibit of functional pottery and fine art that will be sold to benefit the cause.  The event occurs on Sunday; 11/16/14 from 10-3 at the OUTSIDE IN, street parking for this event is permitted. Donations Recommended. Follow us on FACEBOOK, TWITTER or periodically visit this page for details and most recent updates.


14 _ Hudson.00_png_srz copie @72

14 & Hudson  “New American” Bistro accented by locally sourced ingredients from the Hudson Valley and Central New Jersey farms.  457 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY


A & B American Style   Artisan small batch chili sauce No Sugar Special NYC Rooftop organic.  Brooklyn NY

ab artisans

AB Artisans  Fine & Estate Jewelry including Vintage Watches.  474 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY


Abaigail, Rose & Lily Too  Unique woman’s clothing store with an emphasis on natural fibers, featuring scarves, bags & jewelry with a special selection of children’s clothing.  500 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

Abercorn Low Rez 72

Abercorn Place  Art to wear, everyday fashion & easy-to-wear clothing.  494 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

.00_jpg_srz.jpeg”>.00_jpg_srz.jpeg” alt=”alains @72.jpg.00_jpg_srz” width=”210″ height=”65″ />

Alain’s French Bistro  French Bistro.  9 Ingalls Street, Nyack NY

anarchy in a jar @72

Anarchy in a Jar  Small Patch Preserves & Specialty Mustards From Brooklyn.  Brooklyn NY

aunt mias

Aunt Mia’s Sweets  Gourmet Cookies & Catering.  36 Orangetown Shopping Center, Orangeburg NY

Baer M Realty @72

Baer & McIntosh  Boutique real estate firm, with offices in Nyack, Piermont, Warwick, NY, and recent Bergen County expansion in.  Northvale, NJ.  510 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY


Beth Dubas:   Baer & McIntosh  Real Estate Agent with Baer & McIntosh.  Piermont   NY


Biddy’s O’Malleys  Irish Bistro and Bar.  191 Paris Avenue, Northvale NJ


Bob’s Thin Crust Pizza  Family style Gourmet quality.  83 Old Tappan Road, Tappan NY

beth goobicbanner

Beth Goobic  Contemporary Ceramic Art & Functional Pottery.  Pompton Lakes, NJ

Buttercup Bear Logo

Buttercup & Friends  Classic Toys.  535 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

by the bottle web

By the Bottle  Wine & Spirits.  25 RTE 303, Tappan NY

cafe porto

Cafe Portofino  Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar.  587 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY


Canzona’s market.  Community Deli & Groceries.  254 Piermont Avenye, Piermont NY

carber travel @72

Carber Travel  Travel Consultant.  492 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY


Confetti  Ristorante & Vinoteca.  200 Ash Street, Piermont NY

cornettas web

Cornetta’s  Seafood Restaurant & Marina.  641 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY


D’Alma  Functional & Unique Ceramics.  West Nyack, NY


D’Amicos Fruit & Flower Farm  Fruit & Flower Farm.  460 Demarst Avenue, Closter NJ

d vine bar72

D’Vine Bar  Tapas & Wine Bar.  4 Depot Square, Sparkill NY

Dagwoodss copie @72

Dagwood Signature Sandwich Shop Chef-inspired Sandwiches & Sides Catering.  78 RTE 303, Tappan NY

del arte@72

Del’ Arte  Italian & Catering.  20 Moutainview Avenue, Orangeburg NY

Denise Khader  Ceramics

diane s

Diane Smith  Professional real estate agent with Better Home and Garden Real Estate & Rand Realty.  Piermont NY


Don Bradford  Functional Pottery


dorothy brady72

Dorothy Brady  Functional Wheel-thrown Stoneware Pottery.  Nyack, NY

eleanor copy

Eleanor Grace Miller  Paintings in oil on canvas and Panel.  Clarkstown, NY

Elements Low Rez 72

Elements Spa  Theraputic Massage & Skin Care.  49 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

five clays @72

Five Clays  Unglazed Hand-built Functional Pottery & Sculptural Ceramic Textiles.  NYC

fleur doranger web

Fleur D’Oranger  Authentic French Patisserie Celebrated in Miniature Sizes & Original Flavors.  Harlem NY

get rx help @72

Get Rx Help  Pharmacy & Nutrition.  173 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan NJ


Giostra  Modern Italian Restaurant.  65 Old Tappan Road, Tappan NY


Grape D’vine  Specialty Wine Shop.  6 Depot Square, Sparkill NY

happy dog gallery @72

Happy Dog Gallery  Pop Art with Signature Style.  2 Roundhouse Road, Piermont NY

hogans web

Hogan’s Family Diner  Friendly Diner with Excellent Service.  17 Orangetown Shopping Center, Orangeburg NY

hoshitori  @72

Hoshitori  Japanese Restuarant & Sushi Bar.  216 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan NJ

il fresco logo

Il Fresco  Italian Trattoria.  15 Kings HGWY, Orangeburg NY

il portico logo

Il Portico  Italian Restaurant & Bar.  89 Main Street, Tappan NY

irving farm logo @72

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters  Hudson Valley Farm Roasted Coffee.  NYC

isabellas copie @72

Isabella’s  Fine Food Deli & Catering.  239 Closter Dock Road, Closter NJ


Jamie Gaviola  Paintings in Acrylic on Canvas.  Nyack, NY

jamie surya yoga studio logo

Jamie Surya Yoga Studio  Yoga Classes Private, Public & Parties Teacher Training Program.  642 Main Street, Sparkill NY

jane cowles copy72

Jane CoCo Cowles  Fine artist, writer and creative therapist.  Nyack, NY

Jennie Chien  Ceramic Vessels & Sculpture

bendzak web

John Bendzak  Mixed Media Art


Jorge Posada  Landscape Paintings in oil on Canvas.  Queens, NY

Kathy Sykes  Functional Pottery & Vases

Kim Waldhauer  Functional Pottery.  Tompkins Cove, NY

kennedy naomi

Naomi Vargas of Kennedy & Kennedy Real Estate  Real Estate Agency serving Rockland and Orange County in New York.  540 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

la fontanella web

La Fontanella  Italian Reastaurant & Catering.  52-54 RTE 303, Tappan NY

la talaye 12x3@72

La Talaye Catering  International Cuisine with a Carribean Twist Catering.  Pomona NY

Lauren Amalia Redding - Bellona in Profile

Lauren Amalia Redding  Fine Art Portraiture.  Queens NY

lauren randolf copy

Lauren Rudolph  Fine Art Portraiture.  Nyack, NY

leslie green guibult copy

Leslie Green Guilbault  Functional Pottery & Vases, Miniatures

72 IMG_0995

Lisa Wheeler of Center Point Glassworks

littlescoops_header @72

Little Scoops Ice Cream  Party & Event Place Play games, dance, eat and create ice cream sundaes in a 1950´s ice cream parlor Ice-cream parlor and parties.  500 RTE 303, Orangeburg NY

lizzies @72

Lizzie’s  Breakfast & Brunch.  486 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

madelines @72

Madeleine’s Petit Paris  French Restaurant, Catering & Banquet Facility.  416 Tappan Road, Northvale NJ

Marilyn Price Ceramics  Functional Pottery & Mugs


Mimi’s Plate  Fresh Prepared Food Counter & Catering.  33 Old Tappan Road, Tappan NY

ned web

Ned Kelly & Co  Flowers Home Garden Events.  458 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

NYC Bagel Low Rez 72

NYC Bagel Cafe  Hot Bagels & Burgers.  210 Livingston Street, Northvale NJ

o lar

O’lar  Interpretive Spanish/Mediterranean Cuisine.  587 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

orangetown dentist @72

Orangetown Family Dentistry  The highest quality dental services in a friendly and comfortable office setting.  60 Dutch Hill Road Suite #10, Orangetown NY


Organica Natural Foods  Natural Market & Kitchen.  246 Livingston Street, Northvale NJ

Paymya red photoshopped

Pamaya Red  Boutique hair salon specializing in individually crafted haircuts and color.  535b Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

Pier 701

Pier 701  Mediterranean Restaurant.  701 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

piermont bike copie @72

Piermont Bicycle Connection  Bike Sales, Repairs & Rental.  215 Ash Street, Piermont NY

Piermont Community Market  Daily hot food and Groceries.  485 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

Paul Kostabi

PP bus card

Piermont Pizza  Craft Beer & Wine Bar.  453 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY


Piermont Straus  Gallery and book store celebrating Piermont and the Hudson River Valley.  10 Roundhouse Road, Piermont NY

plaza pets

Plaza Pet World  Pet Products at Affordable Prices.  230 Livingston Street, Northvale NJ

Pottery Peace  Functional Pottery & Vases.  Chestnut Ridge, NY.

precence @72

Presence of Piermont  Gifts & Home Decor.  499 Piermont Avenut, Piermont NY

ren art@300

Renaissance Fine Art Gallery  Contemporary Art Gallery & Consultation.  20B Mountainview Ave, Orangeburg NY

rockland roots @72

Rockland Roots Food Truck  Gourmet, Farm to Table Food Truck

Roost Logo Square Final Black

Roost  New American.  623 Main Street, Sparkill NY


Rosie Reilly  Letter-press Notecards & Fine Art

Sandie Lee Butler  Photos on Hand-made Beeswax Paper


Sidewalk Bistro  French Bistro.  482 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY


Sparkill Steakhouse  Steakhouse, Italian Restaurant & Banquet.  500 RTE 340, Sparkill NY


Stokes Farm  Plants, Flowers & Produce.  23 DeWolf Road, Old Tappan NJ

Tequilalogo @72

Tequila Sal y Limon  Mexican Restaurant & Bar.  468 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

terry s Florida Orange. copy

Terry Straus Paintings & Collage

Tess Delia Studio & Gallery  553 Piermont Avenue, Piermont NY

76 house web

The ’76 House  Continential Restaurant with famous Sunday Brunch.  110 Main Street, Tappan NY


The Art Students League Residency at VYT.  Building on the esteemed reputation of the Art Students League of New York, the League Residency at Vyt provides support to emerging, established, and teaching artists by bringing them together with masters and colleagues for intensive focus.  241 Kings HGWY, Sparkill NY

the barn @72

The Barn  Burgers, Pies, Cakes & more.  570 Piermont Road, Closter NJ

the market.filling station

The Market/Filling Station  Gourmet and local fare.  243 RTE 9W, Palisades NY


The Yoga House  Holistic Psychotherapy and Yoga.  222 Ash Street, Piermont NY

union arts logo print

Union Arts Center  Center for Community & Art.  2 Union Avenue, Sparkill NY

5+3=1 (Five Artists / Three Galleries / One Space)

Five Artists / Three Galleries / One Space

Sunday 10/05/14: 2 – 5pm


Sans titre-23 Green Room                                                                                Grace Knowlton and Sebastian Irigaray:

(Artist names are links to their websites)

The OUTSIDE IN closes Grace Knowlton’s recent exhibit of photographs on aluminum with a selection of works from the Corner Series accompanied by ART T-shirts designed and printed by artist Sebastian Irigaray. Irigaray will also be exhibiting his own graphic images silkscreened on linen and canvas.





Main Gallery:
Ray Lagstein: Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Paintings:

Textured surfaces, rich with color and gestural lines are highlighted by strong accents and vigorous brush strokes, often with the use of rags and knives. Lagstein’s improvisational music has evolved into painting; a process of experimentation marked by intuitive perception. The compositions are not methodical or premeditated. Instead, they are approached with “no intent, no excitement or inspiration other than having never done it”.

Lagstein has studied with with Eleanor Grace Miller at RoCA for many years, as well as Gale Bennett in Giverney, France and Nigel Konstam at the Verrocchio Art Center In Tuscany. Recent exhibits have been at the Union Art Center in Sparkill, NY, the Amis Gallery in Nyack, NY, and various venues in connection with the Nyack Art Collective, of which he is one of the founding members. He currently performs in the jazz harmony group, High 5 Vocalworks.




Greenhouse Gallery:
Lisa Wheeler & Claudio Stalling: R/Evolve – Glass & Wood Sculpture

Lisa Wheeler develops innovative methods of combining glass with found and antique objects to create kinetic hanging sculptures full of light, movement and sound. Wheeler couples time worn metals and unique wood findings with brilliantly saturated pieces of colored glass, merging discarded fragments forward into vibrant new forms.

Claudio Stalling’s turned wood sculptures reflect a deep reverence for the natural world with a passion for discovering the elegance inherent within each tree. Stalling exalts the flaws and peculiarities time bestows upon natural objects, dangerously balancing and turning local wood on his lathe in Ulster County.



Grace Knowlton: Corners on Aluminum

grace knowlton ad villager 6.15.14@300

Grace Knowlton:  Original never-before-exhibited photographic work from the architectural Corner Series printed on anodized aluminum.  Reception: Sunday, 06/15/14; 2-5PM.  Runs through August 2014.  The OUTSIDE IN, Piermont NY; Wednesday-Saturday 11-6, Sunday 12-5, or by appointment.

These architectural photographs from the Corner Series by Grace Knowlton are a unique and original collection of never-before-exhibited works printed on anodized aluminum.  The process of sub-surface printing on anodized aluminum infuses and seals dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, creating long-lasting, durable images that are virtually impervious to abrasion, chemicals, moisture and humidity. This process made its art world debut in 1986 with Rauschenberg’s Art Car, a BMW 635 CSi, the 6th in BMW’s collection of Art Cars and the first to have its bodywork decorated with photographic material.  Knowlton was invited by Northern Engraving, a Wisconsin Company specializing in faux interiors for automobiles, to experiment with this process using images from the Corner Series.

Grace Knowlton’s Corner Series were photographed at her home in Sneden’s Landing, NY, a converted barn on old farmland.  Knowlton began photographing during graduate study at Columbia University in the early eighties pointing a large format camera at white interior corners, “preferably with cracks and irregularities”, if not white they were painted.  The artist compares her photographic work to spare, abstract drawings; realism viewed abstractly.  These dynamic views of architectural space are intended to create a mood of quiet meditation.  They present the viewer with shifting realities and uncertain depths resulting in a transcendent visual experience from an often overlooked and ordinary reality.

Knowlton received her Master of Arts in Art Education at Columbia University Teacher’s College in New York after earning a Bachelor of Arts at Smith College in Massachusetts and has taught at the Art Students League among other teaching posts.   Internationally known, Ms. Knowlton has been widely exhibited, and is represented in many public and private collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C.; Yale University Museum of Art, New Haven; the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York City.  Knowlton has been featured in Art in America, The New Yorker, Architectural Digest, Arts Magazine, The New York Times, Sculpture Magazine and Vogue.

Artist webpage (here).

Uncommon ARTefacts for the Inside & Out.