“The SOUK” Indoor Farm Market 01/10-03/20/2016

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Nyack Villager ad outside in souk 2016

SUNDAYS, January 10th-March 20th,  2016; 11 AM to 3 PM.

An indoor epicurean upmarket from farm fare to fresh baked, traditional to exotic, and savory to indulgent, served in the lively communal tradition of the ancient markets curated to transport you into the throes of delight.

Come escape the winter’s cold into a rich sensual oasis perfumed with spices, rich oils and artisan cheeses mingling into the smoky air with the irresistible aromatic mixtures from cauldrons of steamy simmering soups, roasted meats and fresh baked pies prepared to eat here or to take away.

Spend your lazy Sundays meandering a shifting, diverse labyrinth of weekly changing vendors through an exotic “open” air green house market space or choose to rest in conversation near the wood-stove’s burning fires with something warm, surrounded by the finest art and craft in the Hudson Valley.

Small Business Saturday & Functional Pottery Sale 11/28 & 29/2015


Shop Small, Shop Local & give back even more to your community with locally sourced handmade gifts @ OUTSIDE IN!

Join us this weekend in support of independent businesses across America.  We have a great functional pottery sale and are offering a 20% discount ALL WEEKEND on non-sale items for purchases over $100, extending the cash back reward offered by AmEx in promotion of Small Business Saturday (SBS).

SBS encourages people with monetary rewards to shop at the small businesses that help write the story of America. Developed by American Express to inspire customers to shop local & Shop Small, SBS has become one of the busiest days of the year for small businesses. This is the perfect opportunity to shop early for something truly unique for the holidays this year.

Thanks to our wonderful stable of artisans for making this happen and to our loyal customers that have supported our mission to make one of a kind locally sourced products available for the growth of our community.


Encounter: Pat Hickman & David Soo


Encounter features new individual and collaborative works from both Hickman and Soo.  Introduced by the OUTSIDE IN the artists soon discovered a shared sensibility and an appreciation of what each was trying to achieve in their own work. This mutual understanding resulted in an unexpected conjoining of their materials-clay and animal membrane.  Reception 10/11/2015; 2-5PM, (artist walk through at 3pm) with closing talk on Sunday 11/15/2015; 3pm.

Artist Statements for Encounter:

Pat Hickman: My individual body of work grew out of an open studio residency at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, ME. The gift of time and focus there allowed me to confront the recent death of my 98 year old mother and visually reflect on this loss. Haystack encourages artists to move between studios and media new to us. In the Fab Lab, I used the laser cutter and in the graphic studio, explored embossing and printmaking with woodblocks carved using a digitized program, based on images of my mother’s last hand writing. New tools, new ways of working for me with welcome surprises. This new work spoke to me of my years of living in Hawaii, with proximity to Japan and aesthetic influences which crossed the Pacific. (Website)

David Soo: I manipulate clay atypically.  With all my work, I try to be respectful of the voice of the clay, examining the ways it behaves when either thrown or manipulated. Does it stretch, sag or tear?  I am interested in texture; rough, smooth or sharp and sensitive to how a sculpture touches its surface, as well as, its lines and negative space or the interaction with the air around it.  I paint the contours and surfaces of my sculptures with flame, accumulated ash and salt in the molten moving atmosphere of an ancient Japanese Anagama wood fired kiln. I find the natural ash glaze creates an Abstract Expressionist finish that corresponds to and accentuates my sculpture.  (Website)

 Artist CV:

Pat Hickman is Professor Emerita of the Art Department, University of Hawaii, where she taught for sixteen years. Her studio is now at the Garnerville Arts and Industrial Center, NY and she lives nearby on the Lower Hudson River. Hickman’s work is in major collections, including the Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, the Oakland Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Honolulu Academy of Arts, and the Hawaii State Art Museum, among others. In Hawaii, Hickman’s commission, Nets of Makali‘i-Nets of the Pleiades, stands as monumental entrance gates for the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.  Hickman twice received NEA Individual Artist’s Grants. In 2005, she was elected a Fellow of the American Craft Council, and she served as President of the Textile Society of America (2008-2010). Hickman curated two traveling exhibits: Innerskins/Outerskins: Gut and Fishskin (1987) and Baskets: Redefining Volume and Meaning (1993).

David Soo began working in clay in 1971 at age 9, and was introduced to Anagama wood firing in 1989. Education in a Summerhill-style school produced an inherent non-conformity in the way he views the creative process. This perspective, paired with influences from his Asian and European heritage, has developed David’s work into a synthesis of Abstract Expressionist Art and pottery. The co-builder of his Anagama kiln, David has had the opportunity to study with respected artists such as Peter Voulkos, James Makins, Lester Polakov, and Peter Leventhal. He has exhibited in museums and received a New Jersey Council for the Arts Fellowship for outstanding excellence in ceramic art.

Studio Made: Locally Handcrafted Art Furniture


Studio Made:  Locally Handcrafted Art Furniture from Ralph Derven, Yoav Liberman & Richard Rose.

Opening reception 09/20/2015; 2-5PM, thru 10/04/2015.
Special preview event on 09/11/2015, 6-9PM; “Buy American”, a brief presentation by Liberman, 6-9pm, RSVP only.

Ralph Derven is a sculptor and contractor who collects and documents wood, preserving character and exalting flaw in a process of prolonged observation and problem solving notable for intricate joinery, bright colors, and unusual curves. RCD Woodworking

Yoav Liberman, an architect, educator, and acclaimed dumpster diver, transmogrifies the abandoned and obsolete, inspired by the hidden potential in objects redundant. Unique custom-fabricated hardwares provide integrity, focal interest and practical disassembly.  Yoav Liberman Design

Richard Rose, an architect with a fascination in Steam Era cast iron and industrial metals, reinvents and repurposes the discarded into utilitarian retro-futuristic assemblages attempting to retain markings and patina in a style some refer to as “Steampunk”.


Delah Brucelli –Architectural Digest Home Design Show 2015 Best in Art


“Brucelli’s art explores the intersection between fine art and new media. Whether creating allegorical stories, brush-free abstracts, or mosaics of poured color, she constantly seeks to combine paint, photography, and new media. By using different techniques, Brucelli aims to create a multi-dimensional space within her art that elevates
the viewer to contemplate and transcend the physical.”

Fred Cohen Paintings


Outsider, Folk, Visionary

 Opening Reception:  Sunday 5/17/2015;  2-5PM.

Optimistic, bright, and upbeat; these images are drawn from the artist’s life observing and interacting while moving around & thru NYC & suburban NY community.

Cohen paints because he has to.  It is how he fits into the world. For the past 40 years or so, Fred Cohen worked as an interior painter, working in many different types of interior painting disciplines.  Around 1975, Cohen was taught a system of design by “a lady from Hungary” changing the way he viewed the world inside and around himself.  Originally from Europe, this system breaks down the natural world into seven basic shapes, enabling the artist to see and reassemble underling structures according to the artists’ particular vision and abilities. It was suggested by her that he use this system in painting, which immediately seemed natural to the artist and thoroughly became ingrained in his aesthetic, which always comes back to exploring design and color, in a never-ending evolution.

Preferring to paint large, Mr. Cohen has painted four murals so far; two for a veterinarian’s office in NYC & two for a pediatric wing of Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx.  Three of these were approx. 10′ X 25″; one was 10″ X 12. Cohen’s graphic and illustrative images are upbeat, brightly colored representations of a densely populated urban landscape, which are composed from series of smaller situational snippets whose complexity of organization is a representation of the whole or each a painting unto itself. Cohen has recently applied for a grant to create murals for urban transportation areas around NYC.


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“The SOUK” Epicurean Farmers’ Upmarket,the taste and buy bazaar of the lower Hudson Valley. Farm fare to fresh baked, traditional to exotic dishes, savory to indulgent snacks; eat by the warmth of the wood stove or take away.

Sundays, 10AM-3PM; Feb. 1-March 29th at the OUTSIDE IN gallery & greenhouse space. Free admission and parking


SATURDAY 12.20.14; 7-9PM.



New Works

Alan Adler, Mernie Baker, Marlene Krumm-Sanders, Evan Cornish-Keefe, Raye Cooke, Ralph Derven, Beth Goobic, Mike Jacobs, Grace Mitchell, Jorge Posada, Barbara Scott-Fischer, David Soo, Gaia Starr


New Artists

Sandie Butler, Jamie Gaviola,  Yoav Liberman,  Just Plain Wood, Lori Kaplan Jewelry, Denise Kader, Johanna Krumm, Richard Rose, Lauren Rudolf, Gail Rutigliano, Naomi Shibuya, Terry Stone, Studio 532 Jewelry


Many new works recently made their way into The OUTSIDE IN just in time for the Holidays. On Saturday stop by and peruse the gallery for that special gift that wasn’t even available days ago, guaranteeing that everyone on your list receives something unique. If you can’t make it in Saturday it’s no problem, we will be open everyday until Wednesday and open till 9pm Saturday and Tuesday.

Convergence: Cristina Biaggi & Gianni Biaggi de Blasys

Biaggi_image_layersOpening Reception:  Sunday 11/23/2014;  2-5PM.


Recently I’ve become involved with abstract collage, which I find liberating and satisfying. My method is the following: I create a series of works on paper in a purely expressionistic manner, not thinking about results but using my intuition and involvement with the movements of my hands and eyes. Then I tear or cut up these pieces and compose a completely new work, using interesting emotive sections of the old pieces to create a brand new composition. Sometimes I have a vision of the work I intend to create (the result seldom turns out like my initial vision); sometimes I don’t, which makes it exciting and challenging. The final work is never what I anticipated and that is in itself liberating.

My portraits are created from another place in my creative imagination. I attempt to establish a non-verbal communication with my subject to create not just a likeness but an inspired work.



Paintings are open-ended suggestions, I believe, not definitions: let the beholder enrich the work by his own interpretations, as stated by E.H. Gombrich. “The eye must not rest onto the painting right away, but float a bit, before settling on the whole picture.” Thus a form of ambiguity is to me a prerequisite, whether it be achieved through the illusion of informal art, by abstraction and reversible images, or by surrealism where objects are purposely out of context. Even figurative art is an illusion, according to Gombrich, since it can never literally duplicate reality.

I intend to express in a few of my paintings the contrast between live and dead vegetation, or more pointedly, the baroque beauty and power of dead leaves which I collect: twisted, shriveled and curled up things. As I was observing them a few years ago, they appeared riddled with holes opening up to the sky like bits of hope dotting an overcast and closed atmosphere. This idea inspired me and I yearned to portray something beyond ordinary existence – a liberating image. So, a majority of my works intend to show this aspect, often in a surrealistic vein; others go off the road, portraying a Corrida, a waterfall, even the portrait of a French model, a Tondo intended to contrast the other rectangular frames. My main subjects remain, however, landscapes and still life. I particularly care for the painting “a ficus strangler vine strangles a ficus tree”, for you can observe several images at the same time.

My paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas, sometimes mixed with gouache, or combining photo collages, or still originating directly from a photo, like the painting  “Ambiguity”. Up to now, general composition, shapes and colors have been my main concerns, more than painting techniques. I use mostly paintbrushes, but I see more and more the potential of using palette knives, since they are more capable of producing transparencies and gleaming colors. Finally, some of my paintings will be accompanied with poems evoking their subjects.

Uncommon ARTefacts for the Inside & Out.