BIRDMAN: Eleanor Grace Miller

“Birdman Forest”, 2015. Oil on Canvas, 48” x 36”, EGM


BIRDMAN, a fanciful hybrid of new paintings from Eleanor Grace Miller that engage in senseless behaviors and contradictory impulse control.  Strangely captivating  and presented in brilliant, vibrant color, the forms in the BIRDMAN series evolve and re-shape themselves… they perform rituals, confront, wander and lurk.  Reception Sunday May, 22nd; 3-5P @ The OUTSIDE IN, Piermont  NY.

Miller uses BIRDMAN  to illustrate a fusion of human and bird forms that has existed in nearly every culture dating back to the Lascaux caves. These images are found in painting and sculpture, notably in totems and ceremonial masks. Perhaps the most animated figure being the hazmat suits worn by the 14th century Plague physicians (below) that characterized the chaos and instability of the period.

plague physician

A classically trained artist, Eleanor Grace Miller received her BA from Monmouth University, where she studied under Eleanore Mikus, a vanguard Minimalist, and Bernard Aptekar, one of the original SOHO Ten Downtown, and continued her studies at the National Academy School of Fine Arts. Miller has exhibited extensively throughout the East Coast, both in fine art galleries and corporate venues, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including Best of Show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA, the Anna Hyatt Huntington Award from the National Arts Club, and the Gamblin Artists Award from the Salmagundi Club. Her work is in both private and corporate collections. She is currently on the faculty at RoCA and the Pelham Art Center.