Fred Cohen Paintings


Outsider, Folk, Visionary

 Opening Reception:  Sunday 5/17/2015;  2-5PM.

Optimistic, bright, and upbeat; these images are drawn from the artist’s life observing and interacting while moving around & thru NYC & suburban NY community.

Cohen paints because he has to.  It is how he fits into the world. For the past 40 years or so, Fred Cohen worked as an interior painter, working in many different types of interior painting disciplines.  Around 1975, Cohen was taught a system of design by “a lady from Hungary” changing the way he viewed the world inside and around himself.  Originally from Europe, this system breaks down the natural world into seven basic shapes, enabling the artist to see and reassemble underling structures according to the artists’ particular vision and abilities. It was suggested by her that he use this system in painting, which immediately seemed natural to the artist and thoroughly became ingrained in his aesthetic, which always comes back to exploring design and color, in a never-ending evolution.

Preferring to paint large, Mr. Cohen has painted four murals so far; two for a veterinarian’s office in NYC & two for a pediatric wing of Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx.  Three of these were approx. 10′ X 25″; one was 10″ X 12. Cohen’s graphic and illustrative images are upbeat, brightly colored representations of a densely populated urban landscape, which are composed from series of smaller situational snippets whose complexity of organization is a representation of the whole or each a painting unto itself. Cohen has recently applied for a grant to create murals for urban transportation areas around NYC.