5+3=1 (Five Artists / Three Galleries / One Space)

Five Artists / Three Galleries / One Space

Sunday 10/05/14: 2 – 5pm


Sans titre-23 Green Room                                                                                Grace Knowlton and Sebastian Irigaray:

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The OUTSIDE IN closes Grace Knowlton’s recent exhibit of photographs on aluminum with a selection of works from the Corner Series accompanied by ART T-shirts designed and printed by artist Sebastian Irigaray. Irigaray will also be exhibiting his own graphic images silkscreened on linen and canvas.





Main Gallery:
Ray Lagstein: Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Paintings:

Textured surfaces, rich with color and gestural lines are highlighted by strong accents and vigorous brush strokes, often with the use of rags and knives. Lagstein’s improvisational music has evolved into painting; a process of experimentation marked by intuitive perception. The compositions are not methodical or premeditated. Instead, they are approached with “no intent, no excitement or inspiration other than having never done it”.

Lagstein has studied with with Eleanor Grace Miller at RoCA for many years, as well as Gale Bennett in Giverney, France and Nigel Konstam at the Verrocchio Art Center In Tuscany. Recent exhibits have been at the Union Art Center in Sparkill, NY, the Amis Gallery in Nyack, NY, and various venues in connection with the Nyack Art Collective, of which he is one of the founding members. He currently performs in the jazz harmony group, High 5 Vocalworks.




Greenhouse Gallery:
Lisa Wheeler & Claudio Stalling: R/Evolve – Glass & Wood Sculpture

Lisa Wheeler develops innovative methods of combining glass with found and antique objects to create kinetic hanging sculptures full of light, movement and sound. Wheeler couples time worn metals and unique wood findings with brilliantly saturated pieces of colored glass, merging discarded fragments forward into vibrant new forms.

Claudio Stalling’s turned wood sculptures reflect a deep reverence for the natural world with a passion for discovering the elegance inherent within each tree. Stalling exalts the flaws and peculiarities time bestows upon natural objects, dangerously balancing and turning local wood on his lathe in Ulster County.