In Collage: Cristina Biaggi & Savannah Green

Collage Sphere, 2019. Mixed Media, 53″d. Photo by Peter Baryshnikov.
Twenty three years ago, Cristina Biaggi (Mooma, grandmother) & Savannah Green (granddaughter) had their first exhibition together at Ceres Gallery in NYC.  Savannahwas 6 years old and Mooma was 58. The two, very close in sensibilities & affection; connected by family ties, come together again in this experimental exhibition connecting across the generations in a shared language of collage to explore ever-evolving aesthetics & creative expression.
Biaggi‘s universal language engages abstract collage and paintings of the Earth in space, of eclipses and black holes, to establish a conversation with Green’s collage, also in dialogue with the cosmos, but from an earthly perspective exploring the dream world & acquaintance with Spirit in its many forms. The intersection of the paired viewpoints is represented as a sculptural collage triptych portal for observers to peer into both worlds simultaneously.
Artist Note:  As artists & activists, we believe our work is a way of giving back to the world that inspires it. We plan to donate 50% of the proceeds of this exhibition to the Border Children between the US and Mexico to help bring some kindness & comfort to the families in the crossfire of this chaos. May we all find ways to heal our hearts & restore our spirits.