Organic Abstractions: Ceramic Sculpture by Elaine Lorenz


Organic Abstractions: Ceramic Sculpture by Elaine Lorenz.  An exhibit of work from several of the artist’s series;  including new pieces and the full scale pattern used for the bronze casting of ‘Élan Vital’, that was commissioned for the Piermont Pier and donated to the village. Includes indoor, outdoor and wall pieces. Reception 10/06/2019; 2-5pm.  The OUTSIDE IN, Piermont NY.


Artist Statement 9/14/2019


I have always referenced nature in my sculpture, whether it be landforms of the American Southwest, the interaction of creatures, or various abstractions of vegetation. Sometimes I focus on the backbone of the earth – bedrock and it’s erosion into cliffs and canyons. I tend to use formally based ideas: my sculptures balance mass and space, creating gradients of light, points of intersection or interior spaces. I have a fascination with utilizing two or more forms that conform to or resist each other. The tensions created between the separate forms often transform into animal, bird and human body language and sometimes reflect social interaction.


At other times I am interested with more intimate observations on nature. The tenaciousness of life amazes me. Trees growing out of crevices in rocks, mushroom pushing through asphalt paths and plants growing up through cinders of a volcano are some of my observations. I keep returning to the uplifting and generative aspect of nature. As a gardener I see sprouting vegetation as an optimistic sign and it is my metaphor for life and relationships. Yet I cannot ignore reality – personal health issues, fragility of life, human destruction of our natural world, and the loss of habitats and shelters for man and animals alike.

I explored the somber beauty of dried, opened and empty seedpods. Had they merely given up their seeds for the season, or were they the last of their kind? In my mind the empty pods became metaphors for many things; species extinction, barren nests, hunger – the natural world’s loss in general. Recently I expanded into more abstracted and less specific forms, keeping and enlarging the textures as well as the soberness of the dried shells. I am fascinated by the incredible and intricate details created in natural forms of all sorts. Making art is very necessary activity for me – it keeps me centered and enables the expression of emotions and relationships. Exploring the natural world and tending my garden are integral to my art and emotional state.