THEN NOW: Three Galleries, Three Exhibits- Sunday, April 15

This event explores the past and present operations of three venues, Bell-ans Center of Creative Arts, The OUTSIDE IN, and Union Arts Center, with a day of art openings, workshops & closings taking place at each venue thru the day.



Volition Gallery at Bell-ans Center of Creative Arts:  “Denim”. Once home to Udelco, a meca for recycled denim, Bell-ans’ Volition Gallery hosts “Denim”, an exhibit by The Bluefield Artists who explore denim through painting, photography, metal and pottery.  South Greenbush Road, Orangeburg, NY

Union Arts Center (UAC): “Channeled: Spiritual Energy Abstractions”. UAC pays homage to its past as home to the spiritual and artisinal group The Craftsmen with a reception with artist David Young (4 – 6) followed by an “Art Hang” with food and wine by Halo & Horns.

The OUTSIDE IN: “Origins”.  Uncovering the building’s roots as a flower and garden shop with botanicals & plants through art, workshops and tastings. Oil paintings by Dale Payson, reception 12n-4pm. (FREE demos, workshops & tastings thru the day.) 


“Origins”: Demos, Workshops & Tastings at The OUTSIDE IN, aka, “The Flower Pot”.

04.15.2018, 12n-4pm

 “Improving Your Soil – A Garden Is Only As Good As It’s Dirt”,  1pm. FREE 

A 20-30 minute workshop about preparing a garden, with focus on improving/building nutrient rich soils. Frankie’s opinion is that organic gardening, while fussy and complicated at first, is by and far the best way to yield the most lush, vigorous and productive plants possible. The goal of this workshop is to learn from each other’s experiences in the garden and to look at some tips from expert gardeners about how composting and good organic growing practices will dramatically increase your gardens health, beauty and harvest.

Instructor: Francesco Caruana.  Business: Frankie’s Peppers LLC – a small nursery for chile peppers

Francesco is a Sparkill native, born and raised, who began his obsession with gardening through cultivation of chile peppers. While purchasing a Mother’s Day gift several years ago, Frankie stumbled upon a simple habanero plant, which he bought and meticulously nurtured for the rest of that Summer, turning its fruits into sauces and fun pepper products. Frankie has been avidly growing peppers and other fruits/vegetables since then, each year expanding his arsenal and reading lots of material on soil and composting. Simple medicine:  Herbal Infusions, teas and nourishing foods.


Nyack Seed Exchange “Seed Swap” Kiosk at The OUTSIDE IN.  All Day.  FREE

Nyack Seed Exchange is brought to us by Jennifer Hausler of Cottage Creek Gardens, a new small home-based nursery in Valley Cottage, NY, that is currently establishing and propagating plants for a sales launch this spring.  The Nyack Seed Exchange is a place for gardeners to share seeds and experience. You can check out vegetable, flower &  herb seeds or donate them to the seed library.  The Exchange supports organic gardening, but accepts donations from all gardeners. Most of their commercial donors have signed the Safe Seed Pledge, and many of their seeds are organic.  If you would like to donate your saved seeds to the exchange, please make sure seeds are dry and you can print and fill out ahead the Seed Label Template.

“Simple Medicine: Herbal Infusions, Teas & Nourishing Foods”, 2pm.  FREE4 

Learn to nourish yourself with easy, cost effective methods of preparing health sustaining foods, simple teas  & nourishing foods. Plants are here to support us and when we use them as medicine and food we open up to the world in a new and life affirming away.  Please bring a favorite mug or cup as there will be several delicious teas to taste. Drinks served in combo with tea & espresso bar.

Instructor: Scott Massarsky combines his three loves of art, music and the healing plants as a teaching artist to give fun, unique and informative workshops, lectures and performances.  Scott graduated with a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and has received grants from the Puffin Foundation for both art and songwriting. He is currently a teaching artist with the Peace Garden Song and Mural project – where he brings murals, music and mindfulness into schools.  He has been practicing herbalism for the past 15 years and has apprenticed with Herbalist Robin Rose Bennett.

NOVA: The Hidden Power of Plants 1987 

“The Flower Pot”, a full day of ongoing plant workshops

Join our staff for a day of plants and planting prep in OUTSIDE IN care-free style.  Come have fun mounting epiphytes, propagating & mixing succulents’ while lashing & trellising bamboo for the seeds you will sew in your gardens this spring.