Temporarily Closed

Dear Customers,

Due to the potential spread of coronavirus, we have decided to close the OUTSIDE IN Gallery & Espresso Bar until further notice. In addition, “The SOUK” indoor market has been suspended.

We believe these proactive steps will help protect our customers, vendors, and staff and also contribute to local virus containment.

We apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to re-opening as soon as possible.


“The SOUK”, Piermont’s indoor/winter market and artisan bazaar, returns for its 7th season on January 19th and will run every Sunday from 11am to 3pm through March 29th.  Check “The SOUK”facebook page for updates and join our mailing list for weekly specials, vendor lineups and giveaways.

Holiday Shopping & Extended Hours

Happy Holidays.  For your Holiday shopping we have lots of unique and exclusive gifts and a large selection of items priced $35 and under:


– Large variety of tropical plants including Christmas Cactus

– Soaps, candles, diffusers and lotions from Soap & Paper Factory

– New pottery from Hudson Valley ceramicists

– Gift baskets

– Jewelry from local artisans

– A selection of some of our favorite artworks from 2019 exhibits plus new works

– Chutneys, Olive Oil, and Teas from our Farmer’s Market and Souk vendors

Our extended hours are:

Week of 12/9:  FRI (11 – 6), SAT (10 – 6), SUN (10 – 5)
Week of 12/16: TUE/WED/(11 – 6), THU (11 – 8), FRI (11 – 6), SAT (10 – 6), SUN (10 – 5)
Week of 12/23: MON (11 – 6), TUE (10 – 4), WED/THU (Closed), FRI (11 – 6), SAT (10 – 6), SUN (10 – 5)

In Collage: Cristina Biaggi & Savannah Green

Collage Sphere, 2019. Mixed Media, 53″d. Photo by Peter Baryshnikov.
Twenty three years ago, Cristina Biaggi (Mooma, grandmother) & Savannah Green (granddaughter) had their first exhibition together at Ceres Gallery in NYC.  Savannahwas 6 years old and Mooma was 58. The two, very close in sensibilities & affection; connected by family ties, come together again in this experimental exhibition connecting across the generations in a shared language of collage to explore ever-evolving aesthetics & creative expression.
Biaggi‘s universal language engages abstract collage and paintings of the Earth in space, of eclipses and black holes, to establish a conversation with Green’s collage, also in dialogue with the cosmos, but from an earthly perspective exploring the dream world & acquaintance with Spirit in its many forms. The intersection of the paired viewpoints is represented as a sculptural collage triptych portal for observers to peer into both worlds simultaneously.
Artist Note:  As artists & activists, we believe our work is a way of giving back to the world that inspires it. We plan to donate 50% of the proceeds of this exhibition to the Border Children between the US and Mexico to help bring some kindness & comfort to the families in the crossfire of this chaos. May we all find ways to heal our hearts & restore our spirits.

Organic Abstractions: Ceramic Sculpture by Elaine Lorenz


Organic Abstractions: Ceramic Sculpture by Elaine Lorenz.  An exhibit of work from several of the artist’s series;  including new pieces and the full scale pattern used for the bronze casting of ‘Élan Vital’, that was commissioned for the Piermont Pier and donated to the village. Includes indoor, outdoor and wall pieces. Reception 10/06/2019; 2-5pm.  The OUTSIDE IN, Piermont NY.


Artist Statement 9/14/2019


I have always referenced nature in my sculpture, whether it be landforms of the American Southwest, the interaction of creatures, or various abstractions of vegetation. Sometimes I focus on the backbone of the earth – bedrock and it’s erosion into cliffs and canyons. I tend to use formally based ideas: my sculptures balance mass and space, creating gradients of light, points of intersection or interior spaces. I have a fascination with utilizing two or more forms that conform to or resist each other. The tensions created between the separate forms often transform into animal, bird and human body language and sometimes reflect social interaction.


At other times I am interested with more intimate observations on nature. The tenaciousness of life amazes me. Trees growing out of crevices in rocks, mushroom pushing through asphalt paths and plants growing up through cinders of a volcano are some of my observations. I keep returning to the uplifting and generative aspect of nature. As a gardener I see sprouting vegetation as an optimistic sign and it is my metaphor for life and relationships. Yet I cannot ignore reality – personal health issues, fragility of life, human destruction of our natural world, and the loss of habitats and shelters for man and animals alike.

I explored the somber beauty of dried, opened and empty seedpods. Had they merely given up their seeds for the season, or were they the last of their kind? In my mind the empty pods became metaphors for many things; species extinction, barren nests, hunger – the natural world’s loss in general. Recently I expanded into more abstracted and less specific forms, keeping and enlarging the textures as well as the soberness of the dried shells. I am fascinated by the incredible and intricate details created in natural forms of all sorts. Making art is very necessary activity for me – it keeps me centered and enables the expression of emotions and relationships. Exploring the natural world and tending my garden are integral to my art and emotional state.


‘Walk in Our Shoes’, Art Exhibit to benefit Rockland PFLAG opens 09/25/2019


Walk In Our Shoes Art Exhibit has matched 25 talented artists with 25 Rockland PFLAG advocates to inspire and create original two-dimensional pieces of art with an important message. This art exhibit is intended to be a catalyst for conversation, raised awareness and acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community. All artwork will be available for viewing and purchase in benefit of Rockland PFLAG throughout September.

Exhibit of the Month, September 2019

Exhibit Reception – Sunday, September 15th
2pm-4pm @ The OUTSIDE IN Piermont
249 Ferdon Ave, Piermont NY

Please visit: www.rocklandpflag.org

Curator, Lisa D’Amico – Artist

Many Thanks to the Participating Artists: Kenneth Burns, MaryKate Cardona, Monica Chavarria, Jane CoCo Cowles, Michael Craft, Lisa D’Amico – Artist, Jean Doyle, Elaine Flamholtz Schloss, Dave Ganassi, Trine Giaever, Lydia Hassan, Max Krance, Joe LaMattina, Lynne Lancaster Cass, Daniel Lukens, Graceanne Malloy, Bonnie McGown Torres, Cass McVety, Melissa Weiland/ Erin Cardullo Nerdy Duo, Aviva Sakolsky, Susan Shapiro, Ken Sharp, Carlos Sierra, Debbie Silberberg, Erica Sobel, Jeff Spindel, Peter Tilgner, Chloe Tompkins, Shobha Vanchiswar, Colleen Greco-Vanderhoef, June VanDunk, Chris Yacopino

‘Forest Story’:  New paintings by Grace Mitchell opens 05/05/2019 

Forest Story explores our relationship & responsibility to the forest community.  Reception 05/05/2019; 2-5pm. 

In Forest Story, Mitchell’s luminous, romantic oil paintings of natural places create a distressed contemporary response to accelerating deterioration in natural systems worldwide and the fundamental human need for connection to the natural world.

Surfaces are often sanded, scraped and scored, paint is splattered and dripped, and an indication of distress underlies subsequent layers of glazes. This process creates a depth and a mysterious quality that invites contemplation.  Words such as “meditative”, “hypnotic”, and “exquisite” have all been used in describing the work. One writer said that they “hum with premonition,” another referred to “jewel-like color” and a pull “between antiquity and Armageddon.”

 This series was created during the current period of increasing threats to our environment, a time when Armageddon can seem ever closer and premonition is in the air everywhere.

Artist Statement for ‘Forest Story’

We are so lucky to be living here in this little valley of the Sparkill Creek. I’ve been painting the creek, marshes and mountains in this area for many years, and frequently take long walks in our forested areas. In this series of paintings I am hoping to spark a greater appreciation of the forests that surround us and contribute so much to our well-being, and with it some commitment to their preservation. Many of the paintings may seem dark and full of premonition, but they exist to celebrate the forest as the dynamic creature it is filled with vitality – and even perhaps a touch of the sacred that ancient peoples perceived in the great forests of the past.

Our relationship with trees has been inspiring artists since man’s first markings. In paleolithic rock art recently studied in Utah and estimated to have been carved approximately 10-14,000 years ago, and in various representations found in ancient Egyptian, Roman and Chinese art, artists have created their own symbolic images of trees. More recently, in both European and American art trees have been depicted in a plethora of styles from extremely realistic to very abstract.

Across history, trees have been worshiped and valued for their beauty as well as their utility and considered symbolic and sacred in many cultures. Their similarities to the human form have not been missed and recent science tells us that they form “communities”, communicate with one another, share nutrients, have an early warning system set up to resist pests and disease, and release compounds into the air well documented as therapeutic to human health and well-being.  Shinrin-yoku or ‘forest bathing’ has been a part of the national health program in Japan since 1982 when the forest ministry coined the term “taking in the forest atmosphere” and it is a cornerstone of preventive health care and healing in Japanese medicine.

Forests are often called the “lungs” of the earth since they produce the oxygen that we breathe while absorbing significant amounts of the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Nevertheless, we have been destroying our forests at an alarming rate, cutting them down for lumber and to expand agriculture, grazing, mining and real estate development, while climate change itself now poses perhaps the greatest threat to their existence. The increasing temperatures, drought, insect infestations and invasive species resulting from disrupted climate are all threatening the forests that remain. We must stop and ask ourselves what happens when the forests are gone.

These paintings are not intended as depictions of specific places. They’re more about a general sense of things. I urge everyone to go out for a walk in the woods on a regular basis and experience that sense. We have so much to enjoy here – and to protect.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.”  — Baba Dioum, Senegalese forestry engineer.

Artist CV PDF


Gallery Notes for ‘Forest Story’

Pando Forest, estimated to be approx. 80,000 years old, is located in Utah’s Fishlake National Forest.  It is presently the world’s largest known organism and researched to be on the verge of collapse because of human mismanagement, (study link).  

Unsuccessful rescue efforts have led scientists to an unexpected deeper and critical interconnectedness within nature that is globally approaching a ‘point of no return’.


Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness

As a society we suffer from nature deficit disorder, but studies have shown that spending mindful, intentional time around trees–what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing–can promote health and happiness. In this beautiful book–featuring more than 100 color photographs from forests around the world, including the forest therapy trails that criss-cross Japan–Dr. Qing Li, the world’s foremost expert in forest medicine, shows how forest bathing can reduce your stress levels and blood pressure, strengthen your immune and cardiovascular systems, boost your energy, mood, creativity, and concentration, and even help you lose weight and live longer.


Inside Small

Small is the new BIG! One hundred artists with 100 unique styles.

Juror works on display in the front room/espresso bar.
Hours 11-6 tues-fri; 10-5 s&s.

Inside Small is curator, Lisa D’Amico’s annual small works exhibit that challenges artists to create works no larger than 12″ in any direction with no limitation on imagination. This year’s exhibition features one hundred talented artists from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The art show will be on exhibit through December 16, 2018 at The Outside In Gallery, 249 Ferdon Ave, Piermont NY.

This annual exhibit provides a rare platform to showcase these small jewels with a wide range of subject matter and artistic styles. From tightly rendered works to more interpretive approaches, the selection of artwork includes political subjects, nude figures, wildlife, landscapes, florals and abstracts. The smaller format offers a great opportunity for unique affordable holiday gifts, new buyers to begin their art collections and seasoned collectors to expand their acquisitions.

While the artists are connected by their commitment to tiny, the beauty of these small works allows for a notable presence of creativity and undeniable individuality. Their diminutive size demands each viewer’s close inspection and contemplation.

The Inside Small art show will also be online in tandem with the opening reception on November 25th, and the online gallery will be on view through the end of May 2019. View the online gallery at www.insidesmall.com.

Join us Sunday November 25th, 2pm-5pm, at The Outside In Gallery for the opening reception of this grand salon of petite works!

The Jury: (works on display in the front room/espresso bar)
Grace Knowlton received her Master of Arts in Art Education at Columbia University Teacher’s College in New York after earning a Bachelor of Arts at Smith College in Massachusetts and has taught at the Art Students League among other teaching posts.  Internationally known, Ms. Knowlton has been widely exhibited, and is represented in many public and private collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London; the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C.; Yale University Museum of Art, New Haven; the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York City.  Knowlton has been featured in Art in America, The New Yorker, Architectural Digest, Arts Magazine, The New York Times, Sculpture Magazine and Vogue. 
Marlene Krumm-Sanders studied at the American College in Paris, France before receiving a BFA at Parsons in NY.   Sanders exhibits extensively including: George Billis Gallery in CA, L’Attitude Gallery in MA, Riverside Gallery, NJ, and The Smithy-Pioneer Gallery, NY.  Krumm-Sanders is represented in many public and corporate collections and is currently on the faculty at Rockland Center for the Arts (RoCA).
Eleanor Grace Miller earned a BA from Monmouth University with continued at the National Academy School of Fine Arts, and has studied under vanguard Minimalist Eleanore Mikus and Bernard Aptekar, one of the original SOHO Ten Downtown. Miller has exhibited extensively throughout the East Coast, both in fine art galleries and corporate venues, and is the recipient of numerous awards, including Best of Show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, MA, the Anna Hyatt Huntington Award from the National Arts Club, and the Gamblin Artists Award from the Salmagundi Club. Millers whose work is represented in many both private and corporate collections is currently on the faculty at RoCA and the Pelham Art Center.

Participating Artists: Edwin Abreu, Adina Andrus, Elliot Appel, Meera Agarwal, Suzanne Altman, Sal ‘Sandro’ Barone, Cyn Bird, Ilsa Rose Bouyoucos, Linda Brooks Hirschman, Joyce Byrnes, Kenneth Burns, Erin Cardullo, John Carnright, Max Cartagena, Cristina Cerone, Shakira Chin, Bonnie Coe, Bern Cohen, Darron E. Copeland, Jane Coco Cowles, Michael Craft, B.A. D’Alessandro, Suzanne Darby, Karen Williams Edelmann, Kathy K. Eisler, Brielle Erazo, Maria Eskinazi, Donna Faranda, Pamela Fenwick, Susan Fidlon, Laurette Fischer, Barry Fredricks, Rene Fressola, Debra Friedkin, David Ganassi, Andrea Geller, Trine Giaever, Chrissanth Greene-Gross, Pam Grafstein, Lydia Hassan, Jill Hellman, Fran Hertzberg, Susan Hillary, Susan Hoeltzel, Henry Huber, Dara Kane, Eugene Lagana, Joe LaMattina, Lynne Lancaster Cass, Rob Kovacs, Susan Midlarsky, Rick Misrok, Mark Oberndorf, Harold Olejarz, Neil Lavey, John Laurenzi, Neil Lavey, Jonathan Lessuck, Heidi Lewis Coleman, Kathryn Luciana, Tammy Kuiper, Doris Mady, Bonnie McGown, Cass McVety, Wendy Naidich, Lilly Nin, Elaine Norman, Peggy Opalek, Laurie Peek, Taryn Pizza, Jaquelyn Puma, William Rauschenber, Laurence E. Sachs, Aviva Sakolsky, Salvador Sanchez, Elaine Schloss, Madge Scott, Ken Sharp, Susan Shaw, Dorit Shmuel, Jane Sklar, Klaus A. Schnitzer, Jana M. Sico, Debbie Silberberg, Ann Marie Silvani, Jeff Spindel, Miriam Stern, Pattiann Truocchio, Doris Shepherd Wiese, Zina Smirny, Mario Sostre, Rachele Unter, Shobha Vanchiswar, Colleen Vanderhoef, Les Von Losberg, Melissa Weiland, Katie Wiebicke, Candace Winter, Olivia Wischmeyer, David Woehr


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